One of the key areas of work is around raising awareness of Aquired Brain injury(ABI).By doing so we help ABI sufferers by making ABI others aware of the prevalence of ABI within society. As ABI is often a hidden disability, there is sometimes a lack of appreciation that just because a person presents normal, whatever that means, that they do not have a disability.

One key area in which Headway Wirral has become involved in awareness training is its links with local police forces, particularly Merseyside and Greater Manchester Police. Presentations have been given previously to all frontline officers in Wirral, as well as custody staff and lay visitors through the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner who has been very supportive.

More latterly Phil has been directly involved in training custody staff throughout the Greater Manchester areas

Sadly this work has been interrupted by the Corona virus but hopefully will continue in the near future. Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act (PACE) people with ABI are classed as vunerable adults which means added protection for them must be implemented if they are suspected of committed an offence.Equally, if ABI suffers become witnesses or victims of crime then the police will have a better understanding of there needs ie poor memory or fatigue. Headway was at the forefront of the creation of Headway cards, developed in association with UK Police Forces. Members are encouraged to produce these cards which outline the fact that they are a brain injury survivor and highlight any traits specifically to them. This is meant to assist, not only during contact with police but also in there daily lifes. Phil Barr.